Norme tecniche per le Costruzioni 2018
Using technology to combat environmental crime
11 gennaio 2018
Fonte: EU EnvironmentTechnological advances in recent years have made it possible for regulatory bodies, non-governmental organisations, and citizens to employ more technologies in the monitoring and enforcement of environmental law. This video features three interviews about the innovative ways that drones, satellites and a smartphone app are helping to engage and empower organisations and citizens in the fight against environmental crime.

Smart mobile applications to report waste dumping, Ireland - Valerie Doyle, Environmental Protection Agency Ireland (NIECE)
Drone monitoring of waste dumping and habitat damage, UK - Andrea Berardi, Community Eco Drones, Cobra Collective, Social Enterprise
Satellite images, detection of illegal bird trapping, Italy, France, Malta, Germany, Spain and Cyprus - Andrea Rutigliano, Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS), Environmental NGO

For more on challenges and opportunities for achieving compliance with environmental law, watch this interview with Professor of Environmental Law Richard Macrory for Science for Environment
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